With the concept of “Earth Theater,” dramas occur among humans/organisms or living things themselves are replaced with theatrical interpretation and applied to a painting. The method adopted as a substitute for theatrical visual arts is the collage-like appearance (pasting and layering of meaning/meaningless) on circus. Every shape of a chopped living creature is reconstructed to be represented as an idol, and arranged as an object alone or in a narrow space like a stage. The chopping action in these works is a type of autopsy. By removing a meaning from individual parts, observing the possibility of a shape, and reconstructing only shape and color things as a part of stylistic beauty that was built into classical arts, crafts, and religious arts, it glorifies the shape itself, released from the meaning or the role. This anatomical collage is an act of quoting the mechanism of circus developed through festiveness which affirms the existence of all on the stage by combing various races and cultures freely, and affirms the interplay of play and life which is contained in this world. I processed the mesh-like pattern often found in the background of works onto mass-produced processed leathers, animal skins, or agricultural nets; after being scanned into a PC, the pattern is repeated with image processing software, changing the rhythm pattern, and adjusting colors. There are two reasons for this. The first is to clarify the "visual texture" that perceptual psychologist James Gibson identified. This world continues a wide variety of "texture" such as land, water, trees, concrete, and living creatures, and we are in a series of those materials. That texture, more specifically, the nested and existing texture makes it easy to visually understand the situation encompassing us like the womb. The second is to compare the process that the pattern of the living creature’s skin has produced, copied repeatedly and moved away from the original, but still similar to the evolution of organisms or life tradition. The human desire that controls nature and life will keep continuing with developing science and technology. By presenting the dramaturgy of the earth, I would like to change the perception of "life/organisms" by human subjectivity and review the way of human existence.

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